Monday, September 21, 2009

1 Nephi 5-6

1 Nephi 5 - 1 Nephi 6

Why did Nephi include his mother's complaining against Lehi? Was it to show the anguish and difficulties his family faced--leaving their home, wealth, friends, family and then a mother's added fear of losing her sons? Is it easy to be a prophet's wife--bearing such sacrifices? Perhaps Emma Smith can begin to understand the trials, sadness and fear that Sariah expresses. I wonder if this chapter ever brought comfort to MaryAnne Young as she crossed the plains and journeyed in the wilderness between Nauvoo and Salt Lake City.

Sariah was nearly overcome with mourning but the Lord blessed her with the safe return of her sons and she gained her own testimony of the truthfulness of Lehi's words and the commandments of the Lord (1Ne 5:8). It's Sariah's conversion. We are given another example of how each person needs to get his/her own testimony and be converted to the truth.

Lehi's family now has the Brass Plates in their possession. The scriptures include the books of Moses, a record of the Jews and words of the prophets. The genealogy is included--Lehi is a descendant of Joseph.

Lehi prophesies about the importance of the Brass Plates for his family and their descendants. The Brass Plates are written for them--will be of "great worth" (1Ne 5:21) for them.

Likewise, the Golden Plates--the Book of Mormon is for us. The people of Nephi did not have the Golden Plates. They were written for the Latter-days--specifically for us. Chapter 6 includes Nephi's desires for the Golden Plates. He will include only "the things which are pleasing unto God" (1Ne 6:5). His purpose is to bring men unto God.

Lehi talks about the importance of the scriptures to his family and his sons and then his son begins to write scripture. I think Lehi could consider that I successful Family Home Evening.

This is just one more testimony to the importance of having and studying scripture--it is important enough to send your sons on a very dangerous mission, risking their lives, because with the written Word of God nations will know of the commandments of God and be able to come unto Him.

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