Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1 Nephi 13

1 Nephi 13

I always enjoy reading chapter 13 which includes a bit of American history. In Nephi's vision he sees Christopher Columbus (1 Ne 13:12) and other pilgrims who came to the Promised Land (1 Ne 13:13) and guided by the Spirit of God.

The Gentiles (Europeans) scattered the Native Americans (1Ne 13:14) and the Gentiles prospered and obtained the land (1 Ne13:15). Nephi sees the Revolutionary War (1 Ne 13:17-19).

Nephi also sees that the Gentiles bring a book--the Bible. Here we learn that many "plain and precious" truths were left out or changed (1 Ne 13:26) since it came forth in it's pure form from the Jews. These mission truths have led to a perversion of the gospel.

In discussing this with my husband, we thought that perhaps these truths were some of those changed by the Nicean Creed--a perversion of the nature of God. We also thought that another missing truth is that of eternal families.

In his vision, Nephi also sees the Book of Mormon brought forth to the Gentiles (1 Ne 13:35). The Book of Mormon will reveal those plain and precious things left out of the Bible. The Latter-day Saints will be saved by the Book of Mormon (1 Ne 13:37). Nephi also sees "other books" brought forth--could they be the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price?

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